tranSvias: Optimised routes for waste management and recycling

The management of recycling projects presents particular challenges. It is necessary, among other things, to consider local transport operations, general cargo operations, skip and waste management—from the order scheduling stage right through to route planning and activity recording.

Our digital logistics and fleet management software helps you maximise the productivity of vehicles and workforce, from the very beginning of the project. tranSvias facilitates intelligent planning and better utilisation of resources, creates transparency and reduces the administrative workload in the enterprise.



tranSvias: Your advantages – Driver satisfaction

Driver satisfaction

To help keep your drivers happy, tranSvias provides you with online tools to make their lives easier: paperless order processing, comprehensive navigation & safety instructions and an easy-to-use system. This means your drivers have more time to focus on what they’re there to do. – Great results for end customers

Great results for end customers

Attain customer satisfaction through the use of intelligent technologies. The use of technology enables your end customers to submit orders in real time, manage delivery times independently and obtain verified CO2 certificates. – Increased revenue

Increased revenue

Increase your revenue and make your business more profitable with software that can cut your costs. Minimise your error rate and reduce your labour costs. – Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Better results come from improving the use of business assets and organising employees more efficiently. Avoiding unnecessary paperwork can help. – Environmental protection

Environmental protection

Minimise fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by implementing efficient route planning, avoiding unnecessary empty runs and identifying environmentally damaging driving behaviour.


tranSvias: For maximum efficiency

tranSvias enables you to carry out the holistic, on-site digital mapping, evaluation and optimisation of processes related to your logistics services. With the tranSvias drive app, the tranSvias viewer cloud solution and the tranSvias gate customer portal, you get an end-to-end solution that encompasses all process participants – from mobile employees, dispatchers and subcontractors through to end customers.



Default configurations


tranSvias BRONZE supports the efficient management of a broad range of logistics processes, including the provision of on-site services at customer premises.

Use tranSvias viewer to input straightforward jobs and routes for your mobile employees, who can accomplish them using tranSvias drive on your preferred Android tablet. You receive real-time feedback on progress, electronic signatures and order stati, allowing you to take action when needed or provide information to customers. Time spent on each order, fuel required and distance covered can be documented for each driver individually.

Use individual reports and customer-specific work instructions to keep track of ancillary services. Assign user-defined activities to specific cost centres to document the work rendered by enrolled employees. Add weighing slips to supplement reports on local transport jobs.

Continuous recording of operating data lets you do much more than just create CO2 certificates of your transportation services. Live surveillance, period-based cumulative performance figures and historical analyses facilitate detailed costing and optimisation of transport operations.

Make sure your mobile devices are where you expect them to be. Equip your drivers to avoid jams with professional truck navigation and live traffic updates.

If you want to collect or process data outside of tranSvias viewer, peripheral systems can be connected via web services.

Built on the foundations of tranSvias BRONZE, tranSvias SILVER is available in multiple languages and expands your opportunities for process optimisation with end customers.

Supplement the intermodal jobs and routes you enter in tranSvias viewer with items and articles from your ERP system. You can also add accompanying documents. Take advantage of extended route optimisation capabilities by allowing one driver to assign a route directly to another. The proof-of-delivery function scans and tracks shipments at the individual package level, with automatic progress reporting via geofencing. While the package is out for delivery, the integrated ETA management system provides information about the estimated time of arrival.

tranSvias gate is the tranSvias end customer portal. It allows customers to place orders directly and track active orders. If a scheduled arrival time is postponed, the customer is informed ahead of time.

Use the tranSvias ActivityTimer for expanded activity and time recording capabilities. Keep track of the required temperatures for temperature-controlled shipments, allocate them to the relevant order and provide the corresponding verification. Where required, peripheral systems such as (crane) scales and RF identification systems can be integrated.

Track containers, load carriers and skips using RF identification or barcode scanning to aid location and order allocation management.

The current remaining driving period is displayed on tranSvias drive and viewer and the dispatcher is kept abreast of the current work status. tranSvias drive automatically downloads drivers’ driving and rest times and manages the mass memory data from the tachograph. It also manages the declaration of heavy vehicle fees (applicable in Switzerland).

Help your drivers to optimise their driving style with the tranSvias drive app, which provides immediate feedback on driving behaviour. tranSvias viewer offers ECO reports with the same look and the same driver evaluation criteria.

Built on the foundations of tranSvias SILVER, tranSvias GOLD expands your opportunities for fleet and personnel management.

Expanded fleet management options, including fleet status & availability, predictive maintenance and claims management.

Manage holidays, absences and working hour balances in one place. Requests and expenses from mobile employees are managed in tranSvias drive, where they can be checked and approved by the relevant member of staff.


tranSvias: The right decisions, day in, day out – tranSvias: The right decisions, day in, day out

Allow us to guide and support you through the digital transformation of your processes. We’ll show how our solutions and expertise can help you accelerate your ROI on the necessary digitalisation of your business processes. Arrange a non-binding demonstration or request a tranSvias test version and get to know the software yourself.



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