The NAUTIC tachograph is the best-selling travel time control device for inland waterway transportation in Europe.

The NAUTIC electronic tachograph was specially developed by Nufatron for use in watercraft. It complies with all requirements placed on tachographs pursuant to §3.10 and Annex A3 of the Ordinance on Shipboard Personnel on the Rhine (RheinSchPersV).

In addition to complying with these statutory requirements, it offers a range of additional possibilities, including the monitoring of fuel consumption and motor speed. The NAUTIC-tachograph can also be expanded to enable the collection of other economically relevant data. The tachograph supports German, French and Dutch.

Per 1. Januar 2024 hat die Firma BEPRO AG das Fahrzeit-Kontrollgerät NAUTIC Tachograph von der EPS Software Engineering AG übernommen.

Bei Fragen betreffend NAUTIC Tachograph wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an die Firma BEPRO AG:

BEPRO AG, Römerweg 2, CH-8594 Güttingen
Tel. +41 71 694 55 20 /


Everything you need, in one device – Everything you need, in one device

The NAUTIC tachograph is capable of storing more than 6000 events. It also features a compression function, which means that events are only stored in the memory when they are active for more than 1 minute. Under normal operating conditions, it enables driving data to be recorded over a more than 6-month period.

  • Records driving period, idle time & type of operation
  • Filter by user-defined periods
  • Fulfils the requirements of the Ordinance on Shipboard Personnel on the Rhine (RheinSchPersV)

Clear measurements: approx. 284 x 157 mm

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