Logistics in transition

Logistics companies in a broad sense, that is transport, construction logistics, intra-company transport and recycling providers, are in as high demand as ever. Competitive and cost pressures, increasing customer expectations, regulatory requirements and the needs of employees are making the industry an ever more challenging one. In addition, there is a growing need for up-to-date knowledge on new, disruptive technologies. The list of issues facing the industry is virtually endless.  however, some challenges are more painful than others:  

nufatron.com – Competitiveness


Fuel costs are unpredictable. The industry has scarcely any influence in this regard and is at the mercy of the business practices of oil-producing countries and changing climatic conditions.

nufatron.com – Customer expectations

Customer expectations

Demands are rising all the time. Customers want to be able to maintain an internal overview of all relevant information, including arrival times and orders.

nufatron.com – Shortage of drivers

Shortage of drivers

Work as a driver is difficult, stressful and increasingly less attractive. From customers, drivers receive far more complaints than praise.

nufatron.com – Environmental protection

Environmental protection

The statutory regulations pertaining to CO2 emissions are demanding ever greater levels of investment.

nufatron.com – Digitalisation


The costs and time required for the digitalisation of processes requires a clear strategy and careful planning. 

Digitalisation also requires specific know-how and appropriately qualified professionals.

nufatron.com – Disruptive Technologien

Disruptive Technologien

Technology is evolving massively in terms of its disruptive potential. Autonomous vehicles and drones are being used on an ever more frequent basis.


Shaping the future

In an ideal world, all parties win. Customers, employees and companies alike benefit from increases in efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. Business process are optimised and up-to-date, and relevant key figures are always to hand—all thanks to an integrated IT system. Automation eliminates the need for many manual processes, which means that fewer mistakes take place, the work becomes more interesting, and employees have more time to focus on business-relevant activities. “Operational excellence” is no longer a buzzword—it’s reality.

At Nufatron, we believe we have a duty to guide our customers into and through their digital transformation. With tranSvias, our cloud solutions for digital logistics & intermodal fleet management, we increase our customers’ competitiveness, enable easy & transparent work, optimise all economic & ecological components and help to protect the environment. Of course, our expert knowledge also plays a role!

nufatron.com – Competitiveness


nufatron.com – Environmental protection

Environmental protection

nufatron.com – Employee satisfaction

Employee satisfaction


tranSvias—Your logistics solution

nufatron.com – tranSvias—Your logistics solution

The focus lay on creating a holistic solution. The solution is fully integrated into the existing IT landscape, provides employees with all necessary information in real time and eliminates the need to carry out a number of laborious tasks by hand, as it was before. In addition, it provides customers with a complete, up-to-date overview, enabling them to perform internal management of orders and delivery times.

It can also help mitigate the issue of driver shortage: by providing route transparency for drivers and customers, it reduces driver stress. Among other things, it uses real-time GPS data to automatically deliver a notification to the customer when a delivery is delayed. The driver doesn’t have to worry about updating the customer themselves. Drivers are able to carry out administrative tasks on their mobile devices and have more time at home for family and relaxation. As a result, driving becomes more attractive as an employment option.

Fuel consumption can be significantly reduced through optimised route planning and intelligent fleet management, saving costs and doing the environment good. In addition, the software generates informative CO2 emissions reports and makes it possible to track all processes in a seamless fashion. Thanks to this transparency, companies can position themselves as pioneers in environmental protection and actively contribute to solving the climate issue.



tranSvias for different industries / Special solutions

tranSvias cloud solution for: Transport, construction logistics, intra-company transport and recycling. Developed by a Swiss logistics and telematics provider with more than 30 years of experience. Take advantage of our advanced logistics and fleet management system to seamlessly track and manage your workforce. Easy to use, with rapid execution of customer orders. More efficiency, more revenue, greater success for your organisation.


Nufatron-Your partner for the digital transformation

You don’t need to tackle the path to the future alone. Instead, you require a skilled partner, one with the essential know-how and industry experience. When choosing a partner, one factor is more important than most: they should be specialised in solutions for logistics and intermodal fleet management, and bring long-standing experience and a forward-looking approach. With such a partner by your side, you’ll be fit to compete in a world in which new technologies—drones, autonomous vehicles and more—are playing an increasingly important role.

nufatron.com – Intelligent solutions

Intelligent solutions

nufatron.com – 30 years of experience

30 years of experience

nufatron.com – Swiss quality

Swiss quality

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